Simply Piano by JoyTunes App Reviews

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Vert good apply for the beginners Good songs to learn and very easy lessons ! Congratulations

Awesome !

This app is excellent ! Nice work and congratulations !

Best app ever

This is a really awesome app if I was you I would defenetly take it meilleur app de piano au monde


Very good app :)


This is a good app to learn piano even if you just started.

Best app

This could easily be the best app in the App Store. Ive just started using it 10min ago and I already know and recognise most of the notes that used to look like lines and dots to me. If I could give 1000 stars I would.


Eases up the learning process, great app.

A bit disapointed

My first review of the app said "excellent". Now I feel like changing it for two reasons: - First, recognition was working well for starting lessons but then itd become such a pain that I abandoned the app for a while. Pressing one note at a time works well. Getting chords recognized is near impossible for me. Each note is recognized when pressed individually but not when pressed together. I was getting so frustrated trying to achieve the exercises and thought I was doing something wrong that I asked a pianist friend of mine to try it without great success neither. - Second, I had no problem paying a one time fee to unlock premium content two months ago. It allowed me to start learning piano at my pace. But now we have to pay even more to unlock more premium content. And this time its a monthly fee. Sorry but for this price and quality I prefer using Yousician. Thats what I tried when getting frustrated by the recognition and it works well on it. You could have at least offered the premium account to existing clients or at the minimum offer them a few months free.


I didnt know how to play piano or to read scores, now I can understand a little bit of it with this app.


The app is awesome! Very funny.


Bom app!


The best app


Simply amazing

Awesome and Easy!!!


Good app

I loved that it takes u step by to familiarize u with notes and the ur finger position on the keyboard. So as the use of common recent songs. I also liked the fact that it can be used either unplugged or plugged to a keyboard. A place of improvement would be having the songs at end with the ability to control their tempo. Cozy sometimes they go to fast for the learner. All in all I liked find it fun and easy to use

Super cool

Works perfect.

Its one of the best apps ive ever seen !!!!

Best app ever !

thank you so much this app is the best to learn how to play piano

Thats the way, I like it

Easy to understand and high quality. Thx


Wow really cool app helps a lot and is really fun

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